Tuesday, June 16, 2009


What a wonderful weekend at the farm.  Gauri and Laura were up to visit.  We had a huge harvest from the garden -- kale, spinach, spicy salad mix, turnips, braising greens, and tons of radishes.  Abra's dad dropped off this totally awesome puke green 1970 Ford pickup for us to use for the summer.  You can see the road through the rust holes in the floor.  Awesome.  We all worked this weekend hauling rocks and setting them into a rock wall for our herb bed.   We've also finally been able to plant the tomatoes (10 rows!) and soon the peppers will go in.  Late, I know.  We are keeping the plants covered at night -- we hope that a little bit of extra nighttime warmth will jumpstart their growth.  Already I am doing the mental addition... "It's June 16th today and these squash need 100 days to mature, so that means they'll be ready by September 25.  That's two days before the first average frost, so we should be okay..."
This weekend we are hosting our first dinner.  Abra put together a great five course meal featuring some local rabbit.  We orginally had hoped to use the chickens, but fortunately for them, they aren't quite plump enough yet.  Too much running around and not enough confinement I guess.
For anyone interested, we are planning a July 4th potluck at the farm.  Then into Northport for fireworks.

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