Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Going dry

Well it's been a hot start to summer.  We haven't had rain in about 10 days with none forecasted.  We've been watering a lot, which is a bit tedious but absolutely vital.  With the heat many of our leafy greens are bolting (going to seed).  Tomorrow we'll be selling at the Traverse City farmer's market for the first time to offoad our extra arugula.  We hosted a solstice dinner which went off without a hitch, though we were nearly overrun by one of the biblical plagues.  Can you guess which one?  I've actually had a harder time uploading the pictures than growing the damn vegetables, so you'll all have to wait for images of the dinner.  Everything in the garden is growing super fast.  Peas are flowering and the fava beans are about to bean up.  Yesterday we planted all the cucumbers.  Way to many.  We'll have pickles for sure.

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  1. gnats - hi jess its pat love your blog miss you guys ate some of your ramps and pickled peppers - yummy.