Thursday, May 7, 2009


Abra and Erik are set to arrive tomorrow.  Our Bare Knuckle Family is growing.  It's ofggy and wet today but is suppoed to be beautiful tomorrow.  Not that it is ugly today.  The trilliums are up and the fog through the woods gives the forest and ethereal feel.  The slight breeze from the water blows wisps of mist around the big towering catherdral like beech trees, their tops too high to be seen clearly.  A wet day is a great day to start seeds for transplants.  This morning we planted 1000 seeds of kale and mustard and arugula.  Later we might repot some of our peppers and tomatoes into larger pots.  Our birds are doing well, although one of the geese is a little weak legged.  It could be a niacin deficiency, although his food should have enough.  It could also just be genetic.  We plan to feed him some brewers yeast which is chock full of niacin and other good things.  The chicks love to pearch on our outstretched arms.  Just the black Plymouth Rocks though.  The Rhode Island Reds are more skittish.  Yesterday we met some fellow young farmers.  They're practically our neighbors, just a 15 minute drive away. (That's really close by rural standards.)  You can check out their operation at .  They've got a huge hoop house tons of leafy greens.  Their first tomato is set to ripen this week. 

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