Saturday, May 2, 2009

Birds arrive

We drove to the post office yesterday morning to pick up our poultry.  50 chickens, 8 ducks and 6 geese.  They are all happily pecking away in our bathroom.  They had heat lamps and water and food.  For the first couple of weeks they need temperatures in the 90s, so our bathroom is pretty tropical right now. The birds are very alert and active.  The ducks and geese are living in a separate pen because they fling too much water around and make big messes and run over the chickens.  We've probably spent at least three hours just watching them cavort.  
Yesterday we also installed an electric fence around the farm.  It was surprisingly easy, but we still need to run electricity out to it before it is ready.  It should provide the deer with a disincentive to sample our vegetables.
Tonight there is a all-you can eat smelt dinner fundraiser in the community and we are super excited. 

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