Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Trip to town

Today Jess and I went into Traverse City for some supplies.  It being a cold cloudy day, it felt good to be away from the farm.  In Traverse we acquired valuable items like a heat lamp for the soon to arrive chicks, some Carbon-Fluorescent lights to reduce our electricity bill, 100 pounds of potatoes to plant, some chicken and duck feed, 1 mile of wire and and charger for an electric fence.  We were all sure we wouldn't need a fence the first year, but every day there are more deer prints in the field and the stories abound of whole gardens consumed in a single delicious night.  We also learned that baby ducks cannot eat most baby chicken food.  The medicine in the chicken feed kills the ducks.  We bought un-antibiotic laden feed so the ducks will be all right.  Of course we also stopped into Right Brain Brewery for the best beer in the state --- and got free samples.  We also visited my old friends at the Michigan Land Use Institute where I was mistaken for a pirate!
Now it it back home to Northport where Jess has Knitting club. 

Yesterday we planted 2000 onions and 500 tomato seeds.

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