Friday, April 24, 2009

tree planting

300 pepper plants popped up yesterday.  This is very exciting since peppers are a little fickle seed.  They need lots of heat and just the right amount of moisture.  I guess we provided the right stuff.  Also I received a cold call yesterday from a local restaurant called Radish, that wants any vegetables we can sell them.  From what we've found up here, demand for local vegetables far outstrips supply.  The pressure is on to grow it -- selling might be easy.  Today we are going to plant some longer term investments: trees.  We'll put in 5 hazelnuts, 5 serviceberries and 3 american chestnuts.  The chestnuts are a present from my grandpa.  He's always been famous as a bit a of pessimist, but really, what's more optimistic and future thinking that trying to help resurrect a nearly extinct tree?  Too bad I can't get the camera to upload pictures -- yesterday I spent part of the day atop a tractor disking the field.

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  1. and what service will the serviceberries be providing?