Thursday, March 11, 2010


This year Jill and I moved up on March 6th to open the farm. There is already less snow than there was last year in April. Today it is 50 degrees and sunny out. We can't quite get the car in the driveway (too muddy) but I bet we'll be driving in before the week is out. The cottage made it through the winter in fine shape. One of the most exciting things to find was the bushel of potatoes I left down in the cellar. They've sat there in the cold and dark since we dug them in October. They look as though they were dug yesterday. Potato leek soup please!

The next bit of discovery will be out at the farm. Abra and I left a row of carrots in the ground to see how they would over winter. The ground is still too frozen to dig them up though. Down in our garden there is already some seemingly indestructible claytonia poking through.

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