Thursday, February 26, 2009

The meaning of it all

"I always had this dream of being a farmer when I was little."
"Why don't you dream that anymore?"
"I didn't know you could still be a farmer."

Most people aren't farmers. Not anymore. It's not a career that anyone is encouraged to pursue. But we are going to try. I believe that many people have a deep desire to be closer to the land, to grow their food and work outside. At Bare Knuckle Farm we are trying to create one small example. Young people want to farm, can farm, and will be the people who feed our friends and neighbors.

But since the average age of farmers in America is approaching 60 years old, there are fewer role-models out there. The farmers that are left are too often not so much farmers, but tractor drivers piloting their $100,000 machines across their 2,000 acres. This is our first year. We've read and studied and interned as much as we can, but we've never done this before. Not for ourselves. So this is our experiment. Here on our blog we'll keep you updated about what we've done; what is working and what's not.

We are going to grow good, honest vegetables. Come by and see us.


  1. The absolute best of luck to you all, what you are doing is simple and wonderful at the same time.

  2. We are so looking forward to seeing your farm and buying your fresh produce! Even though we will be driving from Pentwater, MI to share your vegetables, we can't wait to do so!
    Best of luck on the farm (and the weather!)
    Mom & Michael